2017-04-18 02:14 pm

Greetings LJ refugees

Hi, it's me, same as from LJ. Until I post otherwise, I don't plan on putting much here at Dreamwidth but I did import and backup my journal during the last mass exodus. I will add you if I can, reciprocate if you know how. I will probably export my content to here as backup every few months, I guess.
2016-10-20 10:16 am
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Oh and

I've added several new people over the past few months, and it's been enough time to see that some of these friendships have not gelled. So I'll be culling, as well as deleting those whose journals are long-abandoned.
2010-09-27 09:56 am
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(no subject)

[Poll #1624494]

Man, if people were worried about deer and rabbits getting into their garden, just imagine what will happen when people start growing things others would actually want to steal! Even indoor operations won't be safe. It's not like people in this area haven't been robbed/killed for their marijuana plants before.
2006-01-01 06:59 pm
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New for 2006!

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If you want in, you know the drill.
*If you notice you were removed, it was probably because you didn't update in a very long time, in which case I'll gladly refriend you if you let me know you're back.*

here's a reminder if you forgot )

*update june 15, 2008* If you have migrated over to Twitter, I have unfriended you. Twitters take up too much of my flist space and I don't feel like decoding your cryptic messages. If you'd like to be re-added, just let me know. However, if you're dedicated to Twitter, your reinstatement won't last.