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Birthdate:Jan 1
I don't actually cook with nutmeg or consume large quantities for hallucinogenic effect. This journal exists because a user once named silvernutmeg goaded me into signing up.

Hey look, I finally updated this profile page!

I'm still friends-only, because it's easier than accidentally allowing for a public post that I would later regret.

Should you choose to friend me, please let me know, otherwise I probably won't notice. If you have any burning questions, just ask. I've been around LJ for 10+ years, and while it seems like everyone has moved to FB, I still prefer this platform.

I'm really getting pretty burnt out by the PC-crowd these days. If you're easily offended, just stay away and spare both of us the drama. I'm married, have kids, and have lived on both coasts of the US as well as the middle. I read a lot. I think too much. The average person would find me boring and tiresome. :-D

Feel free to approach me with concerns you have about any of the communities I moderate or co-moderate. I won't bite.

I will miss you, joule.

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